ch6 pg 36-37

HOME for me was on the top floor of a two hundred room hotel at the far side of Waikiki called the Islander. The hotel catered to people who wanted to experience the Hawaii of old. There is a lot of competition. The Halekulani, the Hilton, the Moana, they all offered four star service. The Islander had its own niche.
Although I wasn't actually involved in the day to day operations, some things still managed to reach my desk.
Kua dropped me off at the front door and parked the Rover downstairs. The bellmen and front desk clerks gave me knowing grins as I made my way through the lobby.
Smiling back, I wondered what was going on. I took a guest elevator to my floor ad thought about my next move.
I didn't have one.
The door opened and I approached Mark's desk. "How's everything with our guest?"
"I think she's still sleeping," Mark replied.
I got another knowing smile. It didn't take long for news to spread through a small hotel like the Islander. Anytime my name was mentioned in the same breath as a woman's, it created a small scandal.
"Good. I'm expecting a call from a guy named Ronnie. This is important."
Mark nodded his head. The smile on his grew as if we shared some secret.
"And Mark? She's just the daughter of a good friend."
I think he believed me.
Mark and the night person, Roxanne, kept eye on the guests on the floor and sort of acted as my secretaries. There weren't too many secrets between the three of us.
My rooms were made up of two suites that had been combined to form one room. The maintenance people had come in and modified the entrances to make it more practical for me. The bathroom was the first door you passed. There was a leather couch on the wall and two chairs that faced my desk. That room was for business. I took out the note paper I had taken from Greenie's place and locked it my desk. There was a large stack of files in my "in" box. I didn't feel like dealing with them today.
I opened up the connecting room and went back to my living area. There, I had a full living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. The kitchen was bordered by a counter on which I ate my meals. The living room was furnished with another couch and a love seat. Another desk sat facing the open window; that was where I did my personal business. Next to it was the sliding door to my lanai. An entertainment center sat on the right wall, the bedrooms were to the left.
Samantha's purse was in the same place I had left it. I placed her keys back in and closed the clasp. I sat down at my desk and tried to put it all together.
Samantha had someones money. All she wanted to do was give it back. Who's money was it? Greenie had been killed. Why?
The morning paper didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Taking out the sports section, I read about how the Tiger Sharks were preparing for their upcoming game.
The reporter did an in depth look at the team listing injuries and high lighting players. Strategies, strengths, weaknesses were all covered. The article contained interviews with players and coaches; everyone was optimistic. The second page contained the Vegas line.
The Tiger Sharks were favored by eight and half points. I put the paper down and looked out the window. Dark clouds lined the horizon for as far as I could see.
A yawn escaped from me as I went back to the paper.

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